Mercy Center Celebrates Sister Carol Ann Henry's Legacy

What started as a calling from God to minister to people in the impoverished neighborhoods of Asbury Park by one person, is now a comprehensive social service agency sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy.

Mercy Center began as a vision of Sister Carol Ann Henry in 1982. Following in the footsteps of Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, Sister Carol began her ministry in Asbury Park by delivering food to needy people in the projects out of the trunk of her car.

By following her faith, Sister transformed her calling into a community organization. For 39 years, Sister Carol has responded to the needs of the community. Along the way she has enacted necessary changes in Mercy Center to meet these changing needs. Under Sister’s leadership, thousands of people have been guided on a path towards stability, academic excellence and self-reliance.

The many programs and services offered by Mercy Center are part of its holistic, family-focused approach to addressing and solving the root causes of generational poverty. Mercy Center is a living testament to Sister’s diligence and commitment to the marginalized people living among us.

Sister Carol has had an extraordinary journey. Mercy Center asks that you remain with us as we build upon her vision of empowering, enriching and educating the people we serve. Her advocacy, passion and dedication to serve people in need will go on. We have all been blessed and are grateful for the all-encompassing ministry she started.

Please join Mercy Center in acknowledging Sister’s remarkable impact. Opportunities for honoring and celebrating Sister Carol’s legacy:

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“It has been an honor to serve and gain the trust of our families over these last 39 years. Because of our faithful staff, volunteers and supporters, I know Mercy Center will remain as our miracle on Main Street for many more years to come.”

Sister Carol Ann Henry, Executive Director Emerita, 1982-2021



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  • Mercy Center is a phenomenal organization working diligently to meet the needs of those in need in the Asbury Park area. Everyone I've met through through Mercy Center is enthusiastic and helpful. Please consider the Center when making charitable donations.
    Cheryl Berman - NJ
  • Mercy Center has helped my clients and their needs.
    Ana Serna - NJ
  • As a volunteer, Board Member and donor, I have witnessed extroadinary work and extroadinary results to care for and change lives.
    Ricar - NJ